Limiting our carbon footprint and preserving the environment are central to our approach.

A respectful construction

We have therefore chosen to work exclusively with local craftsmen for the construction of our chalets. Like the larch wood facade from Swiss forests, all materials were produced in the region.

  • Supplied by spring water
  • Made of larch wood from our Swiss forests 
  • Built by our local craftsmen and companies


We have chosen to limit the amount of night lighting in the village so that you can fully enjoy the magnificent spectacle offered by the sky above. And we guarantee you absolute peace and quiet thanks to the absence of cars in the village. The chalets are supplied with water from a spring located underground. This water is also used to produce all the electricity we need on site. The Swiss Cabins are therefore self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Energy and water consumption

  • Promote the use of Class A electrical devices
  • Installation of timers on water boilers
  • Installation of water-saving devices on water taps and shower heads
  • Use of local spring water
  • Use of wood from the surrounding forests

Raise guests’ awareness to the surrounding fauna and flora. Limit night lighting

Waste management
Opt for the purchase of goods in bulk as to reduce the amount of packaging
Strict sorting of organic and non-organic waste

Food & beverage
Use of local wine and meat suppliers
Aim to use local suppliers first, then use of European suppliers for all other ingredients
Only use seasonal products
Use of certified « MSC » sustainable fish

100% biodegradable cleaning products
Use of «FSC and PCF» certified paper : printing paper, note pads, brochures, tissue packaging, toilet paper