L’ Atelier

Dive into the heart of local craftsmanship

We care about the environment and want to help protect it

We favour short circuits by seeking the most direct access possible to producers and by developing local partnerships. Thus, we have decided to make our workshop available to the D Hotel Group’s soap maker. The products that are made there are sold in our shop but also in all the other establishments of the hotel group.

  • Manufactured using a traditional and ecological cold saponification process Direct 
  • Sale of soaps at the Swiss Cabins reception
  • Visit the soap factory

The soap factory

Our Soap Workshop gives you a unique opportunity to discover the work of our soap maker and to follow all the steps of the production of the handmade soaps offered in the Swiss Cabins but also in our other hotels.

Step 1

Preparation of the phases 

Step 2

Creating soap paste

Step 3

Addition of active ingredients

Step 4


Step 5

Rest period

Step 6


Step 7